SOLUTION: LOW VOLUME IRRIGATION The spray from the heads on a shrub zone over-sprays or the wind blows the water where it is not wanted. The spray system on a hillside causes washouts, run-off is excessive and shorter run times do not provide a solution. The plant material has grown to the point that the spray heads are blocked and not irrigating the desired material. An existing shrub bed size is increased and the existing zone of spray heads will not allow for expansion due to limited flow and pressure restrictions. The water purveyor in your community has restricted the use of spray heads due to a drought or water shortage. These are only a few of the challenges that may benefit from changing an existing spray head shrub zone to low volume or drip irrigation. The benefits of making such a change center around increasing the efficiency and control of the irrigation system. Drip irrigation, when properly designed and installed, will provide an economical solution to all of the concerns listed above and increase the quality of your landscape. Your original system was installed to perform at a certain specified pressure and flow rate, and was fairly tolerant of dirt and debris. To make the change from spray to drip you will need to make sure you will be able to adapt the new system to the old as it relates to pressure, flow, filtration, plant type and soil type. Each retrofit situation demands its own system and landscape.